Allah ke Bande

Karma is an interesting thing… Of all My beliefs in Hinduism, it was the one that made the most sense, that made the other beliefs have some meaningful context (like dharma, reincarnation, etc). You could say it kinda held everything together for me. Karma is the concept that events happen in your life, whether good or bad, based on your previous actions or deeds. Makes total sense right?! It makes you feel that there is some cosmic justice in the world. It\’s even backed up by the laws of physics, which you know made my science-ey brain happy! \’every action causes an equal and opposite reaction.\’ karma is the closest thing any religion had to fact. I mean c\’mon, how else do you explain LeBron James with his insanely talented Miami Heat losing the championship bitterly to the underdogs? Karma. But then I had my stroke, and all my beliefs and facts, became a lie. While I\’ve made mistakes in life, I don\’t think any of them deserved even a week of this hell. Many people believe this is all because of karma and that I\’m paying for something from a past life. Umm, ok… What do you say to that? Anyway, so by past life, they are implying reincarnation – which is, after death, your soul comes back to life in another life form. Now, I\’m going to tell you all something…you will probably think I\’m crazy, but I think I\’ve seen my soul. Not just a peak, but a long, never-ending stare. Let me explain. When I had my stroke and woke up in the ICU, I had a horrible, horrible epiphany – I had lost everything. Everything. My whole body, my voice, my mind, my family, my friends, my life, my career, my everything. All I had left was my soul…everything else ha been stripped, and all that was left was what made me, me. And what I saw was a scared, sweet, innocent soul, untainted by vindictiveness or revenge. If this was the same soul inhabiting past lives, I highly doubt it could be capable of doing anything that would deserve this kind of say I was a lion in my past life, I would totally be like Simba from \’The Lion King\’ and sing and dance all day instead of fighting and killing. So, karma, why aren\’t you true?!?! I need you to be true. I need to get completely better for any of this to make sense, for there to be some kind of balance in this world. I think we all need that balance to get through the terrible things in life… I\’ve always loved this song \’Allah kè Bande\’ but only recently looked at the words. It\’s about angel who truly learns to fly, only after he loses his everything, his wings. It says, \’it is only in the scattered pieces of your dreams that you will find the meaning of Allah\’s will.\’ Wow, so lost my everything…check, dreams scattered…check! so maybe I will find meaning in all this…and truly learn to fly.

7 thoughts on “Allah ke Bande

  1. harshada, it is such a blessing for us readers to receive this gift! i hope you will continue to write about your experience, and i'm so happy that you feel comfortable doing so.i wanted to let you know that the definition of karma that we conventionally use here in the US – \”past actions influence future actions\” / \”what goes around comes around\” etc. – is actually not the strict buddhist definition. (what i'll share is only my understanding, and stands to be verified, but i have heard this consistently in india.) the full meaning is that your karma encompasses the lessons your soul has chosen to learn in this life. in this definition, the strongest souls choose to lead the lives of greatest challenge, in order to unlock their teachings. for example, an untouchable latrine cleaner is a soul who is highly evolved, and who is therefore ready to take on such a difficult life. in your case, it is your soul that has chosen this experience, for the learning that it will bear for other words: your experience is not a punishment, but a vehicle that your soul has chosen in order to evolve to the next level.check out Illusions by Richard Bach. i've only read the first chapter or so but it might grab you.xo


  2. Hersh! what a lovely post :)I was reading this book called Many Lives Many Masters. Its all about karma and reincarnation.In a state of hypnotism and deep trance the \”masters\” speak to us about what our purpose is in life. We all come in a lifetime to learn somethings, to gain knowledge about God and other lessons beyond common understanding. Our soul will continue to take physical form till we have balanced out our wrong by doing good. Your soul has reached a higher plane and will only continue to evolve and blossom!


  3. deep, deep shit. I definitely share your perspective. Commonalities end there though….your clarity (of mind in this post and your soul, more generally, your whole life) is nothing short of remarkable 🙂


  4. One of my fave posts ever, probably because of the Sufi undertones. Also probably because you're brilliant, spiritual and comforting. You address so much of my own inquiry. At the end of the day, I am sure of three things: You're already flying; I am your wings (fine, so is Chays, Krishna, Anand, Shroff, Shiv, etc. – damn, you got mo' wings than KFC, son); your soul is not only your driving force, it drives a lot of other people too. I love you.


  5. Hi Harshada,I just stumbled onto your blog. Thanks so much for sharing! I'm a Physical Therapist, and I wonder if you would let me add a link to your blog from my stroke informational website? http://www.RehabAfterStroke.comIf you don't mind, just send me an email and I will add the link.Thanks!


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