We Win

Our Mission

Throughout my journey, I noticed the inordinate amount of young people exactly like me whose lives were similarly interrupted by catastrophic injuries and illnesses,. But due to financial constraints and insurance woes, many were forced to give up because they couldn’t afford the exorbitant cost of the years of physical therapy needed. I realized, I’m one of the lucky ones – to have the means and enough social support to move mountains. Not everyone is so lucky.

I started this foundation with one core belief: everyone who needs therapy deserves to have access to it. Physical therapy and rehabilitation have drastically improved my life, both physically and emotionally. I’m on my way to the finish line and I refuse to leave anyone behind. We Win’s mission is to raise money to help those recovering from neurological injuries afford rehabilitation services. We Win is a volunteer-based 501-c(3) nonprofit. Read more about our dozens of inspiring recipients at wewintogether.org!

“I think We Win is a great foundation for young survivors of life-changing injuries. Not only do I appreciate the financial support but the mere fact of knowing someone cares gives me some reason to fight through this catastrophic time in my life. Thank you We Win.”

Kambiz T., We Win Recipient

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