As a young stroke survivor and former medical student, I have a unique perspective on healthcare, from both sides of the white coat. I’ve experienced the importance of all kinds of healthcare professionals, but I’ve seen and felt the impact, sometimes positive, sometimes negative, they can have on their patients. By sharing my journey and the lessons I’ve learned along the way, I hope to emphasize the importance of empathy and humility in patient care.

In my new role as a lifelong patient, I’ve gained insights on what it means to be a doctor. I recently spoke to students at Duke University’s Medical School about my experience and the qualities I hope they possess in their future careers. Watch full video here.

Your words have value, probably more value than you realize. With just a few words, you can give a patient all the hope in the world, and just as easily, take it all away.

Harshada Rajani at Duke University’s Medical School in November 2019

Overcoming The Unthinkable – A short documentary made by WSSU physical therapy students about my journey

My speech for the 2018 We Win Gala – Sharing the importance of physical therapy and the value of therapists

My Rehabilitation Story at Atrium Health:

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