call on meeeee, call on me

drum roll please…I CAN TEXT!!!!!!! you all know that is secretly and sadly, one of my top priorities in life hehe. it is slow and difficult but it is completely by myself, which is all that really matters! im using my old phone, my crazy krazer, with my normal number. i hold the phone with my left hand and type with the middle finger of my right. my finger gets tired so i dont know if i will respond everytime! i already texted a few people because i knew it would be a weird/wonderful surprise for people to see my name pop up in their inbox! next goal – being able to TALK to you on the phone!

5 thoughts on “call on meeeee, call on me

  1. ME AND NEHA ARE PREAKING OOUUUTTT! Seriously, Cougs. You dun messed up now. Cuz we are going to be so far up your…nose.we're going to text you all day long until you wish the hot and sexy club never existed. xo


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