Whatchu Say

my fave video of this song 🙂

one thing i love most is people. i love talking with anyone and everyone. i thrived on interacting with people.(you dont have 1400+ friends on facebook by being shy! jk) this quote from the movie waking life, was in one of my papers from senior year,
\’Life was raging all around me and every moment was magical. I loved all the people, dealing with all the contradictory impulses – that\’s what I loved the most, connecting with the people. Looking back, that\’s all that really mattered.\’ but now, i couldnt connect with anyone. i felt and still feel so separate from anyone ive ever met and all the other patients ive seen, because i totally lost the power to speak. you have no idea how devastating and frustrating it is to be trapped inside your head, to have so much to say but cursed with silence. the ability to speak is so human, so i felt less than human… much less. i had to let go of any power i had in this world, and just let the world work around me. even though i knew the answers to everyones many questions like \’how do i work her wheelchair\’ or \’wheres her tshirt\’, i had to accept that the world would function without my answers. i had to finally learn to find humor in it all. i had to create inside jokes with myself with these situations. for instance, some of you might remember my infamous tailgate shirt that said, \’having more fun than you since 1984.\’ i kept this shirt solely for the memories, i never planned on wearing it again. but somehow, it got mixed up in the hospital in the pile of tshirts i was to wear everyday. so a few times a month, i would show up to therapy in my gross, awkward tailgate shirt. i could only laugh to myself at the awkwardness, i couldn\’t tell anyone i wasn\’t supposed to wear it. i couldn\’t tell anyone because a) i couldnt physically tell them and b) if i tried to explain duke tailgate to anyone they wouldn\’t understand! so i learned to just swallow the things i wanted to say. but then i started saying some sounds and some people could understand me at times. One time, my excitement overcame my better judgement. i was usually good at keeping my mouth shut…usually. one day, my nurse came in laughing hysterically and said she and the other nurses were talking about going to a strip club. i excitedly opened my mouth and tried to say, \’i have been to one!\’ (yes mom and dad, ive been to a strip club, but it was only for a few minutes and was totally awkward). but my nurse thought i said, \’i was one!\’ the misunderstanding got so out of hand that she thought I had the job on weekends to pay for my duke education. i then spent the next 40 minutes trying to get her to understand the words, \’no i wasn\’t one.\’ this was one of the most frustrating and humiliating moments of my life, but in retrospect, its pretty hilarious. i have to admit, the experience has scarred me for a while, because i won\’t even attempt to talk to new people or people i don\’t already know will understand me, to prevent any misunderstandings. so though i don\’t really talk to new people now and my voice is still far from normal, i am slowly starting to connect with people. looking back, thats all that really matters anyway.

5 thoughts on “Whatchu Say

  1. oh god! i hope the nurse felt doubly awkward for assuming you were a stripper!!! haha 🙂 thanks for sharing this, you have the best stories and the amazing ability to find humor in embarrassing or otherwise humorless situations … something we could all stand to learn from you. miss you love you xxxx


  2. lol thats hilarious :)i agree with cynthia- such a great trait to have – to be able to laugh at situations like those. ps i love that song and performance. and the scene from GG when they played that song 🙂 soooo good.


  3. i know this is absurdly delayed, but i just was reading through some old posts on your blog and saw this one about our tailgate tshirts!!i remember making those on the floor of my belmont apartment for our whole crew. i don't think anybody loved tailgate more than us!!!i miss you so much and it makes me so happy to read this and hear you again!!xo


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