the day the music died

i remember this terrible day like it was yesterday. it was a cold, winter day. by the end of the day, my smiles had disappeared, and my laughter was gone, and all that was left was depression. it was an awful day, a horrible day, a disappointing day… it was february 11th….the day duke lost to carolina in cameron indoor. the whole morning of the game, i proudly wore my \’duke cameron crazy\’ shirt, which definitely stood out amidst an overwhelming sea of carolina blue. and EVERYONE had something to say to me, because i was the only duke fan around for miles. so other patients, therapists, doctors all talked smack to me, knowing quite well that i couldnt speak and defend myself or my school. how insensitive! typical unc fans…(kidding! it was all in good fun!) i was relieved to see dr. m that day, sporting his duke tie, the only other duke apparel i saw all day. i had to watch the game in my gross, dingy hospital room, on a tiny, ANCIENT tv-it was a miracle everytime it managed to turn on. i had always associated this game with being with good friends and cheering our hearts out. whether we were actually in cameron watching it ( UNBELIEVABLE experience btw) or at a bar with a with some duke fans (shiv would scare away any unc fans) or if i was stuck in the sub-basement of the library studying with my best friend laju and we were forced to watch the game on a laptop on, the game always came with great memories. this time, though my brother had to work early the next morning, i begged him to stay because i couldnt bear watching it alone. in retrospect, we would have been better off not watching it! i remember pleading with the basketball gods, saying that since nothing had gone my way this year, maybe they could help duke win. they clearly had NO sympathy for me because we lost both games and carolina went on to be national champions! the day after the game, since i lost a bet with my therapist, i had to wear a carolina hat! who knows what will happen this year… all i know is that even though the nurses must have pricked me over a million times, and my blood always came out bright red, i still swear i bleed duke blue…

4 thoughts on “the day the music died

  1. First, you need to see this: BEST GRAPH EVERRRR!!!Second, what I love about that Duke-UNC game is that we always managed to have a blast, no matter what the outcome…freshman year when it was the first day of spring break and we got to burn benches with reckless abandon…or junior year when we drank/sung our sorrows away with Michael Jackson!In any case, we'll all keep our fingers crossed…I think it's about time for us to be due!


  2. Like when we got blocked out of the game and watched it at the 'dillo and made it into a mini Cameron…one of my best memories from DUKE…up there with singing away our (slightly…er…maybe a little more than slightly) inebriated sorrows away w/ MJAnd don't think I'll ever stop giving you crap for watching the game in the library sub-basement instead of at the bar with us that year…though I gotta say, the fact that you guys sat there and pressed refresh on for 2+ hours to track the game is pretty hardcoreAnd lets be fair…you did your share of UNC-scaring too….they didn't stand a chance


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