play that funky music white boy

you all must be wondering why every title of my blog entries is the name of a song – well there IS a reason for that.the ONLY part of my body that wasnt affected by this stroke, the only part that remained completely untouched, the only part that was functioning normally, that part was my eyes had lost their peripheral vision, my nose was hypersensitive to scents, and obviously, every muscle in my body was totally ruined, so that left my ears. they gave me my most powerful possession – listening. when i couldnt see the world around me or talk to the world around me, i could listen. and i didnt miss anything. from the whispers of the wind, to the conversations across the room, i heard it all, and ever since i remember opening my eyes in the ICU, there has been music. through every, single memory i have, i always remember there being music. when my eyes werent strong enough to watch tv, my family would have to leave me all alone in the ICU, where all i could hear were my thoughts, but i was never really alone – john legend, beyonce, a.r. rahman, and countless others were always singing in the background. i also became attached to cd\’s people had given me like nishas beyonce cd that i must have listened to everyday. then there was pooravs cd, which had all the latest hindi songs so my parents would put it on every chance they got (the cd stopped working after awhile because we played it so much!) then there was howie\’s unforgettable cd which had everything from songs from love actually to some of jason mraz\’s songs, and it soon became a favorite of family, friends, and therapists. i loved music because every song carried with it a memory. whether they were songs on howie\’s cd that were making new, wonderful memories,or songs on a cd my cousin ajay made for me, though i hadnt heard them before, they carried with them his memories, or songs on a cd arup gave me that reminded me of all the great memories i had from college. my ears were tickled by the whispers of the counting crows and maroon 5, my soul was awakened by their lyrics, and my heart was pounding to the beat of the music, because as long as i had my music, i had my memories.

6 thoughts on “play that funky music white boy

  1. Oh man Beyonce. I mean I love her and all but I do not think I can listen to her CD ever again. Hehe just kidding just kidding. Yeah but seriously Howie needs to go into his own business of making mixed CDs. I would buy them.


  2. Cougs McGee,\”my soul was awakened by their lyrics, and my heart was pounding to the beat of the music,\” Amazing kicker. This is fabulous; isn't it amazing how music has the power to transport you? Thank goodness you know all the words to Juicy. XoXo


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