luck be a lady

\’If God will take you to it, God will take you through it.\’ i heard that line one day on the way to therapy when the lady driving my van was listening to gospel station on the radio, and it really stuck with me. yes, god had let this awful thing happen to me, but even though i couldnt see it, he was helping me everyday. i told baldeep once that i was in an awful situation, but it was the best case scenario. yes i was couped up in the hospital, but i had the biggest room all to myself (which was really rare) and i was in the best place i could be. even though there were hellish circumstances, i was treated like a princess. i was SO unlucky that this happened to me, but i was lucky in that i had an amazing family, a loving brother, an incredible boyfriend, awesome friends who would fly accross the country or drive down all the time, just to see me for a few hours, and some of the best doctors. for as long as i can remember, i have wanted to be a doctor, not for the fame and fortune, but for the dream of really, truly touching someones life, whether its helping someone breathe easier, whether physically or emotionally. i hate to say it but so far in med school, i was working with residents who were overworked, underpaid, and completely and utterly exhausted who made it seem like it was a nightmare i was working towards rather than a dream. but my set of doctors were really something else, so passionate and caring, who all went above and beyond the call of duty, who reminded me why i wanted to be a doctor in the first place. first, there was my icu doctor, whose duties ended after the 2 weeks i spent in the ICU, but he continued to visit me almost everyday for the 5 months i spent in the hospital. then there was my main rehab doctor who was an inspiration because he had a terrible accident when he was a teen but turned it into a positive experience by going to med school and becoming a doctor! then there was a neurologist who was a friend of the familys, who provided support and advice that only a friend could. there was my amazing resident, who you will definitely hear more about, who instantly reminded me of myself (because she was a small indian girl) and instantly won me over with her friendliness, knowledge, kindness, and her ability, on her first day, to recognize my \’duke dhamaka\’ t-shirt. (because her brother was actually my friend at duke! small world)! speaking of small worlds, finally, there was dr. m. he had been our neighbor and friend for many years but now he would become our hero. i even used to babysit his daughters, but i wouldnt call it babysitting, i would call it a sunday afternoon, because we would just play like always! but dr. m happened to be a rehab doctor and one of the smartest/ best doctors im lucky enough to know. from day one, he has been there for us with his unwavering support, words of wisdom, and his hilarious wit. he was a dukie, so i instantly knew i could trust him! he was quietly the brains behind my treament, so with one of the most respected doctors overseeing everything, i knew i was in good hands. i realized that there were probably many people who had awful injuries but didnt nearly have the social support, resources or care that i had. so was this all coincidences, the works of god, or mere strokes of luck?

5 thoughts on “luck be a lady

  1. Hersh – I commend you for being so positive and believing in all of this luck that has come your way. But you're not the only one who is lucky – I am too. I get to see you multiple times a week, we get to watch our fav shows, talk our fav talks and munch our fav sweets. I'm so lucky to have someone like you to spend my evenings with, someone like you to advise me and someone like to you listen to my stories. We (your readers) are also SO lucky to have these posts – you write so beautifully and inspire so many people. I'm so happy that you have a fantastic group of doctors watching over you – that's not luck, you just really deserve all that is amazing in this world.


  2. I like Setu, because she tells the truth.Cougs McGee, you are crazy amazing. It takes greatness to recognize greatness, you know. Don't forget what my mom always tells me and Paawan: \”You have to study! Not everyone is naturally smart like Harshada.\”Way to give us an inferiority complex, momdukes. Teehee, love ya like a fatty loves carbs!


  3. AGREED! im soo proud of you for staying positive 🙂 and for working so hard everyday! we all truly appreciate these posts! love you superwoman and cant wait to see you soon! *tons of kisses!*


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