30 thoughts on “the variable (continued)

  1. OMIGOSH!!! Yay Hersh!!! Don't listen to those who discourage you, you have more friends than anyone I know who will always support, love, and believe in you!! SO proud of you!! 🙂 Made my day!


  2. Hi Harshada, this is Kavita from Bangalore. Sachin sent me the link to your blog and I have been enquiring about you from Prembha.While its very sad to hear what you have gone through, we are very very happy that you are recovering and you have lovely people by your side. I am sure you will be an inspiration to many. Our prayers and good wishes are always with you. Take Care


  3. Harshada, I'm so glad you have this avenue to share with us your experiences. And I'm so happy to hear about your progress…you're awesome!Know you have so many of us cheering you on!Please keep writing. (BTW, you've inspired me to start watching Lost!) Lots of love,Nicole


  4. Harshada I believe the blog is a great idea so you can communicate with the world. This will help you ease the burden that you may have been carrying for all these months. You should know that you are an extraordinary person who is not only very very talented but one of the nicest person who is always willing to contribute. I know this has not been easy by any means but you have to keep HOPE. You may not realize it but people around you have seen that you have come a very long way since Novemeber of last year. I believe you should utilize this time to maybe write a book or something that you may enjoy doing that you would not have otherwise. I know this may not sound easy but something to consider rather than waiting for things to happen. I wish you all the best in this difficult journey but I know there is light at the end of the tunnel. GOOD LUCK!!!Regards,Bhisham


  5. I a your Maasi and yet I have never met you. You are so lovely looking that God will never cease to shower His blessings on you.It is the will and belief that shall make your dreams come true ,believe me and one day you will remember the past few months as a bad dream.Love you.Lata


  6. Hey dear girlI am a mom to a 6 yr old who was born at 26.5 wks after an intense journey .No support from anyone except her dad,it was tough …very much soAfter reading your struggle, I just couldn't help thinking of my daughter …struggles she went thru'.You are right I too dont agree with something happens for a reason B.S …life sucks for some of us most of the time.I know your struggling a lot now but I want you to know you have another mom rooting for you with all her heart You are a sweet lil kid a great writer and I will too will be cheering on for your success in everything you do .take care sweetheart


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