the constant

i decided to title this post after my favorite episode of lost. in this episode , desmond has to find the one thing in his life he can rely on when his whole world is falling apart. this is the one thing that reminds him who he is and where he comes from. this is the one thing that can save him…i had that something. that something was someone. that someone was my constant. baldeep was my constant,and he saved me. when my whole world was crumbling apart, he was there to pick up the pieces. he reminded me that underneath the fear and confusion, beneath the completely broken body, it was still me. he had given me a greater gift than i could have ever asked for. he loved me. not because he had to, but because he wanted to. and thats all i needed to get by…. at the end of the episode, desmond finally contacts his constant,penny, the love of his life. it was a touching moment when the viewer realizes that penny still loves desmond and is waiting for him. she didnt save his life just by being there when he needed her most, she gave him a reason to live…

6 thoughts on “the constant

  1. You are a lucky lady. I still remember sitting at McAlister's listening to you talk about how happy he made you. I'm so glad you have such wonderful people in your life. And I'm so lucky to know you. Love you!


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