Heat Waves

(Just a quick update, but I wanted to include this song lol) I heard Rafa was coming to play a tournament in D.C. for the first time and normally I wouldn’t think twice about it (too much effort, hard to get accessible tickets, etc). But because of yes year and all that, my brother, sister-in-law and I decided to look into it. The more we learned about it, the more excited we got. From the food by Chef José Andrés to the perfect Friday night session we could attend, it seemed to be just for us. But unfortunately, as soon as Rafa announced he was coming, tickets sold out and tickets on resale sites were going for $1000. We tried messaging and tweeting at everyone on Rafa’s team who we had met two years ago but no luck. There were still thousands left on the waitlist so we had all but given up.

Then, my dad randomly entered us in a giveaway for two free tickets for the Friday night session, and somehow, wait for it, we won! So I guess the world did decide to meet me halfway. I said yes to the world so it said yes to me. I know this is small and frivolous, but it’s something. Now, let’s hope we miraculously catch Rafa’s eye and he somehow remembers us. Sometimes all I think about is you…

UPDATE: Sooo Rafa unexpectedly lost Thursday night so we canceled our trip and returnedd our tickets. I said yes to the world and it said yes to me, but then it went all 90s on me and was like SIKE! JUST KIDDING! Then it laughed meniacally at my short-lived, warm and fuzzy feelings about fate. Sigh. World: 5,001 Harshada: 0. But I\’m going to keep coming at you, world. Just you wait.

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