Young homie


I havent had a chance to live… My life stopped at 23. It didn\’t pause, no, it just stopped. My life hit a wall, a thick, bitter, unforgiving wall, and it was forced to retreat wildly and severely. My mind was still at 23 years old and counting, but but the rest of me was stuck in time, refusing to budge. I was like a broken record, stuck on one beat, one note, one word, as eternity swiftly and unapologetically passed me by. People my age, my friends, are now getting married, starting families, getting incredible degrees, earning fabulous jobs, living their dreams, and partying so much, i wonder why i had the stroke. Now, I\’m 27 no husband, no kids, no graduate degree, no job, no house, no forseeable future, no life, nothing. It\’s not fair, before all this, I had hopes, I had dreams, I had a plan…now it\’s all gone. Instead of moving forward, ive somehow gone backwards, I\’ve moved back in with my parents, depending on them to literally feed me, clothe me, care for me, when it\’s about time I start caring for them. I\’m sitting here looking at life like, how did I get it wrong? It absolutely sucks to get this sick at any age, but I thînk it\’s so, so, so much worse to be this sick when you\’re still so young. It is socially acceptable and medically logically for a 93 year old to be in a wheelchair; but its socially taboo (not to mention, social suicide) and horribly illogical for a 23 year old to be in a wheelchair. Even on an envelope pushing show like \’Glee\’, the pretty, popular 18 year old girl with a great future at Yale, was shown to have been in a near fatal accident that left her legs paralyzed. But within two episodes, they showed her magically back to normal. Can the audience not handle seeing an innocent, young future so instantly and irrevocably destroyed, a reality I\’m forced to accept every freaking day? When someone older gets sick, they have had such a relatively rich past, so it kind of feels ok. When someone young gets sick,  they have had such a relatively empty past, it kind of feels tragic…you not only lose them in the present, you lose their future too…it\’s like they are robbed of their youth, and the world is cheated out of their future. I haven\’t had a chance to live… But, im not the only one, not at all. There àre hundreds of young people like me, whose lives were robbed in an instant. And, unlike in a tv show, we have to let go of everything we know, to work our asses off, to take our lives back…to win. But I\’m one of the lucky ones. I have a loving, incredible family willing to sacrifice anything and everything for me. I have family and friends loyally by my side, who believe in me so much, I have no choice but to believe in myself. With everyone forcing positivity and hope down my throat since day one, I had to let it infest every cell in my powerless and hopeless body. But not everyone is this lucky…to have the means, and enough social support to move mountains. I havent found much \”purpose\” as to why I had my stroke. So my amazing, ceaselessly positive cousin, Simran, decided we should go ahead and put some purpose behind it. With her passion and my experience, we started with a dream, her brilliance and my writing made it a reality. We started an organization called \’We Will Win\’ to provide hope to young survivors whose lives have been devastated by serious injury or disease. We not only want to raise awareness about young lives interrupted, but also raise money, through selling t-shirts with catchy phrases from my blog, for many who need help paying for their long and arduous road of, here\’s where you all come in:
 1)Share this blog,spread the word
2) Visit, like, and share our facebook page: We will win 
3) Buy t-shirts!!!!!!!!! First phrase – I will win.
 The road to recovery CAN turn out great, but it needs hope, time\’ unwavering determination, support, and, of course, money. With our help, young survivors can have a better opportunity to succeed, to live, to win.  We haven\’t had a chance to live…yet 😉

7 thoughts on “Young homie

  1. PubbleTea, I know your original perception of your dreams in life were shattered, but I want to let you know your gifts and talents are apparent in everything you're doing and going through even now. Your energy and personality is apparent in everything that you do — no matter how different your circumstances may feel. This project you're starting is inspirational– to make something great to help others out of something terrible, and I will be one of the first to buy a tshirt and get the word out. Perhaps even you will help humanity in a way greater than you could even imagine before when everything seemed so right.


  2. True to what you said. Everything happens for a reason is bullshit. What happens, happens. It is how you use it makes it look like it happens for a reason. Your fight, I salute!


  3. Unbelievable, I remembered I was once here in need of help on how to go about the problem of Stroke I was having, I must say those years was so frustrating, the experience was something outside the world of being normal,my wife had to join me in search of various kind of help,and the search lasted for 1 year and some months and like a dove sent from heaven, a friend of mine referred me to Dr Johnson a specialist with a difference full of knowledge, with his vaccines/medications and his advice on what to stay clear off and how to approach the problem, after one month of using his product, I was made well, I never believed there is a cure to Stroke, but now am a testimony I can move freely and all part of my body.Any one with such problem can contact The Doctor on his mail address at


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