a long december (continued)

this past weekeend, i had the most incredible birthday possible. i had about 50 wonderful friends, from all the important parts of my life – my childhood, highschool, governors school, duke, and medical school,from all across the country, in my house for a night of laughter and memories. i was laughing til 5 in the morning, and it felt amazing. i kept looking around and thinking to myself, \’wow, im so lucky.\’ isnt it ironic?

4 thoughts on “a long december (continued)

  1. Hi Harshada,Megan has been updating me about your life, and I have to say, you're lucky to have a life full of so much love and friendship. That's what I saw echoed in this post, so I'm sure you know that already. I've been sketchily following your blog since you started (Megan was really excited about it). I hope your days are full as much love as during your birthday weekend.Best,Priyanka


  2. Hersh, your birthday was so fun!! We are lucky! I'm so glad I finally got to meet your friends… esp Rajul!! Miss you so much, I feel like there is a huge gap in my day now that I can't just hop in my car and come over. I'll be back soon! Love you!


  3. OMG, Setu rocks my socks.I love those who can truly appreciate the Cougs for the queen that she is. Yes, I agree it is a pain in the patoots not be able to hop in a car and come over. but im planning to move in this summer, whether the Rajanis want me or not.Couggies, I have the crane that says \”Cady…\” on it right next to my bed. I go to sleep every night remembering that no matter how cold this city is, I've got love to keep me warm. Thanks for giving me a smile when all i want to do is scowl.


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