im everything i am, because you loved me

they were my strength when i was weak. they were my voice when i couldnt speak.literally. they were my mom and dad. from day one, when all i could do was cry, my mom looked me in the eye and told me i was going to be ok. and still even when i cry now, my mom just hugs me and reminds me that im going to be ok. thats sometimes all i need to hear. it wasnt only my life that stopped on november 29th, my parents lives stopped too. instead of living peacefully on a golf course, meeting clients, and talking politics everyday, they were living in a hospital, meeting different doctors, and talking catheters everyday. but we had an amazing community behind us the whole time. because my parents were such loving, caring, and respected people in the community, there were so many of their friends there by our side to help in anyway that they could. some people i knew really well, some i kind of knew, and some i didnt know at all but they knew and loved my parents. what better way to show their love than with food! while we were in ICU, they would bring every meal tothe hospital, and for the 5 months we spent in the hospital, they continued to provide every meal for my family. i realized that my parents must have been really, pretty special to receive that much parents also showed my friends so much love, because i couldnt. they said all the things i wish i could have said, like \’congrats\’ to kristen when she got engaged or \’good luck\’ to howie when he was starting his rotation in charlotte. whether it was through good food or good words, they showed all my friends we truly appreciated. i will always be thankful to my parents for many things, but one thing in particular. from the moment baldeep stepped into the ICU, though they barely knew him, they treated him like a son. and have truly loved him ever since. so mom and dad, i know i dont say it enough, but here it is in writing, thank you for EVERYTHING. i love you.

6 thoughts on “im everything i am, because you loved me

  1. Your parents are two of the most special people I know Harsh. Their warmth RADIATES out of their eyes. They are so kind and so wonderful- and it is so clear that you are just like them harsh! You are one special lady maestro cuff… I love the Rajanis!P.S. Anand is so special too.


  2. You're right, Hersh. You're parents are unbelievable. Since the first day I visited the hospital to yesterday when I came over, I got and continue to get nothing but smiles, love and cupcakes. :)They take so much interest in the lives of your friends and know everything that everyone is up to. It's truly amazing.Yes, you are lucky to having loving, caring, wonderful parents… but they are also lucky to have such an amazing, intelligent, perfect daughter. Go team Rajani!


  3. I have to agree with Setu. I don't think i've ever met a family as amazing as yours from your mom and dad to you and anand and your nani and your cousin. You guys are all amazing!


  4. Cougs,My mom gets all emo to this day when she tells me about how she and your mom were preggos with us at the same time and used to cook what the other was craving. Because if they cooked for themselves, they'd get all nauseous and puke everywhere. Does this make any sense? Either way, what a pair.Family is an incredible thing. I just wish Paawan hadn't told those guys at Duke's Retreat in India my dad's full name. and that my mom hadn't asked Milan Soman, that model if he was \”Miss India\” I hope you're laughing because I am. Sorry for going so horrifically off topic.Back to life – Rekha and Prem rock my world. They are endlessly loving, unbelievably positive and deserve all the credit for raising a powerhouse like you. And I KNOW they thank God everyday for a daughter like you who takes the lemons life throws sometimes and turns them into lemon drop shots. Sigh, your book will be great but mine will be called \”Memoirs of a Raging Lush\”.I love you, and thank you for making sure we all don't take unconditional love for granted. You're wiser than the Dalai Lama on a Red Bull.XoR


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