sometimes love comes around

moving to the rehab hospital was def a good thing. there were no set visiting hours so people could always be with me. i never had to be alone anymore! but during the holidays, the rehab hospital was depressing to say the least. no christmas tree or ornaments or decorations. my family had christmas eve dinner in the hospital cafeteria. we were in hell, but we werent alone – my friends came with us. i have been shocked by the endless love you all have shown me, but i want to share with you some stories about a group of people whose love knocked me down and left me breathless. they were there every step of the way alongside baldeep and my family. they were my charlotte friends. my mom recently read me one of their first cards: it said they were my older brothers and younger brothers, older sisters and younger sisters, and they would be there every step of the way, and they have done just that. to my surprise, on christmas day, we didnt have to be alone. they had created a christmas party for us complete with good food,great presents, and even better company. it is awful to be in the hospital during the holidays, but it wasnt so bad because i had my friends and family by my side. then new years was right around the corner, and again, i wasnt alone. instead of making plans to go to some party or some club, my charlotte girls, my family, and baldeep had our own little party in my hospital room. i couldnt believe my girlfriends wanted to stay with me. i remember we were all crowded around my small, heavy,ancient tv forthe countdown. i started crying because someone was saying it was my year, but despite those tears, i still got my new years kiss, a peck on the cheek from baldeep :)everyday since then, they have been there. ruchi was in charlotte last year, so she came to the hospital almost everyday, and when she had to go off to school, setu had just moved home so she took over. kunal has been working in charlotte so he comes at least once a week.And everyone else on their vacations has come by. i will be feeling so shitty during the day, and the only things that can make me smile are a call from baldeep or a visit from friends. its what i look forward to because its one of the few good things in my day. whether im watching sex and the city with setu, letting ruchi look at my cards in uno, or eating a delicious meal prepared by krishna, i feel normal again. in one way i was very alone in this world because no one had any idea what i was going through, but if you think about it, i was never really alone. sometimes love comes around, and it knocks you down, but its that same love, that has picked me back up again.

8 thoughts on “sometimes love comes around

  1. ummm.. 28226 too! I love you and love that we are spending so much time together, and we're not turning the TV off until we go through each DVD in that pink velvet book of ours 😉


  2. So I'm in the sprint store right now catching up on your blog while I wait for my turn; and being the big softy that I am – I started tearing up, and the lady in front of me keeps looking at me funny. I love you hersh! and i love your blog.


  3. Harshada,What a wonderful treat to hear your voice again. I marvel at your strength and continue to learn from you. As a person who carries a Star-Tac cell phone and has never used an ATM, you should know that this is the first time I've been on a blog. You've taught me something else again. In one of your previous messages you quoted lyrics from one of my favorite songs as I grew up, It's My Party. Here's another lyric that based on your followers' writings is all about you: the love you take is equal to the love you make. Dr. G


  4. Harshada, I have never blogged before, so I hope I am doing this correctly. Mr. Stacks has been keeping me posted on your progress, but I didn't know how or whether to contact you. This blog has given me the perfect opportunity, so I guess I can't do my anti-technology rant in my Media Lit class, or at least I can't include blogs. You are in my thoughts, and I have absolute faith in your power to do absolutely anything you set your mind to. I am sending vibes of power and strength your way, so I hope you have your receiver out. Take care and keep writing. Words have power to make things real. Yours, Ms Klein (but you can call me Maria now, you grown-up.)


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